Alli Kafka

Alli Kafka - RareKC Program Director/Board Member/PR Communications Chair

Alli Kafka

Program Director

Alli Kafka is the Program Director for RareKC. She is responsible for the overall management and implementation of RareKC programs according to strategic objectives set by the Board of Directors. She provides leadership, collaborative management and technical direction in order to meet project and organizational goals.

Prior to becoming an employee of RareKC, Alli was a member of the Board and served as a Market Development Specialist for KEPRO, Inc. where she managed capture for state and federal opportunities, as well as thought leadership and marketing activities to promote organizational capabilities and insights.

Alli brings multi-dimensional expertise to her position. She has an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and earned her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Pennsylvania, with a concentration on healthcare management and political advocacy. She has distinguished herself academically and professionally. She brings high energy and purpose to everything she does.